Realizer FAQs

Q: When I try to sign up using Google Chrome in OS X the page stalls on a "loading" animation (top-left corner).

A: Do you have a pop-up blocker enabled? If you’re using Chrome’s “Better Pop-Up Blocker” extension (version 2.1.6) you may need to disable it to download the app.

Q: The Realizer is very slow on my iPhone 3GS—when I tap a button in my Realizer app it sometimes takes 5–10 seconds before it responds and goes to the relevant screen.

A: Check your Internet connection and double-check the size of the files you are uploading. If they’re too big, it could cause some problems.

Q: In Step 3, the button that appears from the "Add Link" button doesn’t let me link to my screenshots. Is there something I should be doing other than clicking on the arrow and selecting the screenshot I want to link to?

A: Make sure you save your work after adding the links. Actually, it’s good to save your work throughout the process as your session will automatically time out after 20 minutes.

Q: If I set up a project as an iPhone app, can I preview it on an iPad as well?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time, but we’re looking into adding it in a future version.

Q: When I register with my email address, do I need to use the password for that email account as my Realizer password?

A: No. You can choose any password you like, as long as it is between 6–18 characters.

Q: I get kicked out periodically while using the app. Does the session automatically time-out?

A: Yes. It is set to 20 minutes.

Q: It would be great to upload multiple images simultaneously. Could you add that functionality?

A: Yes. It’s a top priority for a future release.

Q: Could you add a “Back” link to the “Add link” control to take users back to the previously loaded image?

A: Yes. We’re looking into adding it in a future release also.

Q: Can the app prototype be used offline?

A: Currently, no, though it might be part of a future update.

Q: Could you please provide me with a login name and password?

A: You’ ll need to create your own. And don’ t forget, the password must be between 6–18 characters.